Participants Are Formally Trained, Capacity Build, Empowered and linked to
a) Job opportunities locally and beyond
b) Business Network platforms.
c) Microfinance support
d) Specific market outlets locally and beyond.

Looking at minimum 50 youths to maximum 100 youths Identified from each of the 17 Sub- Counties, Nairobi County.

Multilevel Partnerships.
1. Catholic Parish Church Partnership
a) Capacity to provide / support infrastructure platform- 17 training centres
b) Capacity to provide / support participants mobilization mechanism
c) Capacity to provide/ support individual , community follow ups mechanism
d) Capacity to provide / support contract production mechanism 17 Production sites
e) Capacity to provide / support moral , spiritual authority & directional leadership.
2. Don Bosco Training Institute Partnership.
a) Registered Training Institution
b) Capacity to Deploy , Supervise, coordinate and support Certification.
c) Capacity to provide/ support Alumni Network Platform.
3. Don Bosco Outreach Network Partnership.
a) Capacity to activate local, regional and international networks
b) External partner good will.
c) Globally recognized charity foot prints, efforts , achievements.
d) Capacity to provide/ support/ Deploy resources.
e) Capacity to Marshall, coordinate and direct resources.
4. Curydp Partnership.
a) Capacity to rally expat support base.
b) Trade & Enterprise capacity development specialist.
c) Capacity to initiate and coordinate hybrid accelerator youth programs aimed at improving disadvantaged youth population within respective urban- rural communities.
d) Capacity to guide on youth based opportunities, business network platforms and specific market linkages

e) Capacity to align youth hybrid accelerator programs at community , national and regional level such as:

i) Constituency industrial development centers
ii) Constituency innovation centers
iii) Big four agenda (B4A)
iv) Vision 2030
v) EAC common Markets and
vi) AFCFTA markets programs
5. Overall Social Economic Growth and Benefits.
a) Participants become self-resilient and productive lot.
b) Organizations involved get opportunity to remain relevant to their mandate and as well as change agents.
c) Families , communities, society, region and African continent get to show case their best, champions through organized productivity, strengthening our GDP per capita
d) Sector/ industry approach to individual, community and society transformation.
e) Revenue source to Don Bosco outreach network for project / programs
f) Revenue source to Catholic parish church for project/ programs
g) Revenues source to Don Bosco training institute for projects/ programs
h) Revenue source to the Exchequer both direct/ indirect taxes
i) Revenue source to carydp for youth projects/ programs
j) Community, regional, production capacity via productivity frame work

Elikana Epiche

Executive Chairman.